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local linked_list** alloc_LIS_slots ( int  channel_size )

Allocate array of LIS slots

This function allocates array of LIS slots.

channel_sizeChannel size
Pointer to newly allocated structure

Definition at line 357 of file speck.c.

References alloc_linked_list(), number_of_bits(), and xmalloc().

Referenced by speck_decode(), and speck_encode().

    linked_list **LIS_slots;
    int n_slots;
    int i;

    /* Think of this structure as a list of lists. Splitting
     * entire list into several slots speed-ups algorithm:
     * one slot for each scale. */
    n_slots = number_of_bits(channel_size);
    LIS_slots = (linked_list **) xmalloc(n_slots * sizeof(linked_list *));

    for (i = 0; i < n_slots; i++) {
        LIS_slots[i] = alloc_linked_list();

    return LIS_slots;

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