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void append_list_node ( linked_list list,
list_node node 

Append list node

This function appends new node to the list tail.

Node must be properly allocated beforehand.

Definition at line 71 of file list.c.

References linked_list_tag::first, linked_list_tag::last, list_node_tag::next, and list_node_tag::prev.

Referenced by insert_after_list_node(), move_list_node(), speck_decode_S(), speck_encode_S(), speck_process_S(), and speck_unprocess_S().

    if ((list->first == NULL) && (list->last == NULL)) {
        node->next = node->prev = NULL;
        list->first = list->last = node;

    node->next = NULL;
    node->prev = list->last;

    list->last->next = node;
    list->last = node;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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