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epsilon.h File Reference

Top-level library interface. More...

#include <inttypes.h>
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struct  eps_block_header_tag
struct  gs_hdr_tag
struct  tc_hdr_tag


#define EPS_BAD_CRC   1
#define EPS_Cb_RT   5
#define EPS_Cr_RT   5
#define EPS_FB_ID   0
#define EPS_FB_NAME   1
#define EPS_FB_TYPE   2
#define EPS_FORMAT_ERROR   2
#define EPS_GOOD_CRC   0
#define EPS_MARKER   0x00
#define EPS_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE   1024
#define EPS_MAX_RT   98
#define EPS_MIN_BLOCK_SIZE   32
#define EPS_MIN_RT   1
#define EPS_MODE_NORMAL   0
#define EPS_MODE_OTLPF   1
#define EPS_OK   0
#define EPS_PARAM_ERROR   1
#define EPS_RESAMPLE_420   1
#define EPS_RESAMPLE_444   0
#define EPS_Y_RT   90


typedef uint32_t crc32_t
typedef struct eps_block_header_tag eps_block_header
typedef struct gs_hdr_tag gs_hdr
typedef struct tc_hdr_tag tc_hdr


int eps_decode_grayscale_block (unsigned char **block, unsigned char *buf, eps_block_header *hdr)
int eps_decode_truecolor_block (unsigned char **block_R, unsigned char **block_G, unsigned char **block_B, unsigned char *buf, eps_block_header *hdr)
int eps_encode_grayscale_block (unsigned char **block, int W, int H, int w, int h, int x, int y, unsigned char *buf, int *buf_size, char *fb_id, int mode)
int eps_encode_truecolor_block (unsigned char **block_R, unsigned char **block_G, unsigned char **block_B, int W, int H, int w, int h, int x, int y, int resample, unsigned char *buf, int *buf_size, int Y_rt, int Cb_rt, int Cr_rt, char *fb_id, int mode)
void eps_free_2D (void **ptr, int width, int height)
void eps_free_fb_info (char **info)
char ** eps_get_fb_info (int type)
void ** eps_malloc_2D (int width, int height, int size)
int eps_read_block_header (unsigned char *buf, int buf_size, eps_block_header *hdr)
int eps_truncate_block (unsigned char *buf_in, unsigned char *buf_out, eps_block_header *hdr, int *truncate_size)
void ** eps_xmalloc (int size)

Detailed Description

Top-level library interface.

This file contains top-level library interface. This is the only header that user program needs to include.

Definition in file epsilon.h.

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